Best Beat Making Software

If you want to make radio quality rap beats then it is critical that you get the best beat making software for your music production.  The quality of your software will determine the quality of your instrumentals.  If you go the route of getting a free beat maker then your beats are never going to be of the highest quality.  If you are serious about making high quality beats that can be used by rappers and singers then it is essential to get a professional rap beat maker program.

Here are BeatMakerSource we have long been a fan of the BTVSolo program.  It truly gives you all the essential tools you need and contains all the features that are required to make studio quality beats.  It runs on a Mac or PC and comes with a vast library of training videos. 

If you want to get started the right way from the beginning then go with BTVSolo and you are all set.  Plus it only costs around $35!  And check out some of the top producers that use it…


Here is a little snek peek into BTVSolo…

Get Started with the BTVSolo beat maker here

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If you are looking for another great option then we would recommend is Dr Drum.  Dr Drum is a professional quality beat software that comes with everything you need to instantly start making instrumentals and rap beats.  It includes pro sounds kits for both drums, keys and bass and you can import more if you have others you want to use.

Dr Drum comes with a 16 track sequencer that exports in .wav format (important!), a 12 pad drum machine with a massive library of kits, a 4 octave keyboard with a huge selection of sounds, and every beat you make is exported in 44.1 Stereo 16bit PCM .wav format.  If you are not sure what that means, just know that it is critical for making studio style beats.

All in all, this tool is naturally intuitive and easy to use for beginners but can still produce studio quality .WAV format beats for all the pros. It works on both PC and MAC and is a great option to take a look at.  We definately recommend it for producers on all levels.

Get Started with the Dr Drum Beat Maker here

Here is a great tutorial video using Dr Drum which shows how easy it is to use it…

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