Beat Maker Online Free Downloads

There is no need to pay lots of money when you can get started making beats with a free beat maker online downloads.  Of course, be aware that you won’t be able to make studio quality hip hop beats with free tools. But they are still a great place to get started without spending any money. There are a lot of options you have and we will detail a few of the best choices that you should take a look at.

music-labOne choice to take a look at is The Music Lab from Club Create.  This free online beat maker does not require you to download anything and is totally free to use.  Since it is free it is not packed with all the features you may expect but it is still a great tool.  It has a large sound library for you to choose from and Loop Labs has several different versions of it that you can try out.

Music Lab lets you save the tracks you are working on and also lets you download them in MP3 format.  It features multi channel mixing of up to 32 channels, sampling, sequencing, triggering, a great drum pattern machine, and lets you add in your own vocals.  It also works on PC and Mac


Another great option is Mixxx. This tool is more of a DJ mixing software but you can still play around with it to make some beats. It has a great mixing engine and also has over 30 Midi controllers. It is built on Open Source software so users can create new features and allow for everyone to use them, which is a great feature.

Again, Mixxx is a great free online music maker but it is geared more for DJs.  However, it has some great features that you can take advantage of to start making your own music.

The final online free beat maker is AudioTool.  This one is different from most online beat makers as it does not use channel but instead every sound or element you add is a device by itself which you drag into the virtual beat maker.  Here is where it gets pretty cool…After you add your sounds or elements to the desktop you then connect virtual devices so you can build very complex beats.

AudioTool features a drum machine, instrumentals, synthesizer, beat box, bassline, mixing and routing and the ability to add audio.  This is just a small sample of some of the features.  This tool is jam packed with them!  Once you create you beat, you can them share it with the community and get feedback from others.

Here is a video walk through of the Beatbox Drum Machine:

These 3 choices are a great place to start for a beat maker online with free downloads.  With all free options they are not going to have every feature that paid tools have but you can still get your feet wet without spending a bunch of money.  You can play around with them and start making some initial hip hop beats and then graduate up to the more robust options.

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