Beat Maker Free Options To Consider

If you want to make beats then you need a beat maker free without having to pay.  You have many options to choose from and here are some choices.

LMMS-beat-maker-freeOne free option that you can try is the LMMS or the Linux MultiMedia Studio. This free beat maker aims to become the free alternative to those commercial beat making software programs. This free option can also provide you with ability to produce rap beats using the built in loops and notes.

This program also can make use of notes which are recorded from the keyboard just like midi devices. It comes with a friendly interface and you will definitely find is easy to navigate.

Another free option for you would be the ACID Xpress which is the free version of a commercial beat machine.


This is a free 10 track version of the commercial ACID software which enables you to create rap beats and hip hop beats. You can also do some audio recording, mixing as well as editing to enhance your music. Moreover, this also comes with a rather friendly user interface for easier navigation and control. If you are new to loop based beat creation, you will not have a hard time understanding the process considering the easy and user friendly interface of the ACID Xpress. You simply need to select some loops and place them into a track and play your own beat right away. This also comes with tempo and pitch auto match option which make the loops work together to create a desirable beat.

Getting free beat making software is definitely a good way to jumpstart your musical dream of becoming an expert and professional musician. While you are still learning the basics, the free options are best to try out.

Once you have the funds available, you always have the option to upgrade to the commercial beat making software in the future.

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